Discover, a thrilling survival .io game where you harness the power of magical pets to battle other players.  Let’s check out and play it. Introduction

Welcome to the mesmerizing realm of, an exhilarating .io game that combines survival, crafting, and the thrill of pet battles. Step into a world where magical creatures fight by your side as you harvest resources, build a fortified base, and engage in epic battles against other players and their pets. In this article, we will delve into the captivating features of and guide you on your journey to becoming the savviest survivor.

Features and Rewards

Immerse yourself in and enjoy an array of captivating features. Engage in magical battles with other players, employing your pets’ unique abilities to outmaneuver and overcome opponents. As you progress, you’ll collect diverse resources, enabling you to craft essential items and fortify your base against enemy assaults.

The game rewards your dedication as you age with exciting unlockables, providing additional tools, weapons, and valuable resources. Embrace the challenges, refine your strategies, and unleash your full potential as the savviest survivor in


  • WASD or ZQSD or arrow keys to move
  • Left mouse button to attack

Gameplay and upgrade


In, your survival begins with you and your trusty pet. To thrive in this mystical world, you must swiftly gather resources by harvesting wood from trees and aging progressively. As you age, you’ll unlock various rewards that enhance your survival capabilities. These rewards range from nourishing food items to replenish your health to valuable tools and formidable weapons.

Wasting no time is crucial in this game. Utilize your resources to construct a sturdy fortress and fortify it with walls and turrets. The windmill is pivotal among the various buildings you can unlock, as it automatically generates gold for you, ensuring your continued progress.

Tame Pets

A unique aspect of is the captivating pet battles. While you start with a selection of pets, the adventure truly unfolds when you venture into the untamed wilderness and attempt to tame up to three wild animals. Approach these creatures and witness the enchanting results as they join your ranks, ready to fight alongside you.

Build a Team

Since is a multiplayer .io game, you share this mesmerizing world with numerous other gamers. To increase your chances of survival, it’s wise to form alliances and build teams with fellow survivors. Embarking on this adventure alone poses additional challenges, as you must contend with rival teams and high-level players who will seek to dominate you. Together, you can strategize, collaborate, and conquer the game’s challenges, emerging as formidable competitors.