Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game is an iconic endless runner built into Google Chrome in 2014. Run, jump, and dodge obstacles as a T-Rex in this popular web game.

About Dinosaur Game

The Dinosaur Game, also known as T-Rex Runner, Chrome Dino, and Dino Run, is a captivating endless runner game that has captured the hearts of millions of players. Integrated initially into Google Chrome as a hidden gem, this game offers a thrilling experience where players navigate a T-Rex through a desert landscape while avoiding obstacles. Let’s delve into the details of this legendary web game and explore its features, gameplay, and origins.


This T-Rex game has easy and addicting gameplay. Pressing the spacebar will initiate the T-Rex’s sprint. Rocks and cacti will start to emerge in your way as you sprint forward. To have the T-Rex jump over these barriers, use the spacebar. Remember that the pace is increasing gradually, so you must time your leaps properly. You can come across flying birds while you explore the desert. Be cautious since jumping over the bird that is passing the highest might be challenging. The goal is to outlast your previous records by staying alive as long as possible.

The Origins of the Dinosaur Game

The Dinosaur Game was developed by the Google UX team in 2014. It was cleverly incorporated into Google Chrome to entertain users during periods of no internet connectivity. Instead of displaying a dull error page, players were greeted with an opportunity to engage in an exciting prehistoric adventure. The game’s original creators, Sebastien Gabriel, Alan Bettes, and Edward Jung, crafted a masterpiece that soon became widely recognized and loved by players worldwide.

How to Controls

  • Space or up arrow key = jump
  • Down arrow key = duck

Game Features

Retro 8-Bit Graphics

With its vintage 2D 8-bit visuals, The Dinosaur thrills gamers by paying homage to the heyday of gaming. Despite its simple design, the game successfully evokes the spirit of the Paleolithic age and offers a timeless, aesthetically pleasing experience. Players are brought back to the simplicity and attractiveness of early video games by the game’s pixelated graphics, which give it a lovely vintage vibe.

Easy-to-Learn Controls

The accessibility of the Dinosaur is one of its main draws. Players of all ages may immediately get involved in the action thanks to the straightforward controls. The T-Rex may hop over obstacles with a tap on the screen or press the spacebar, making for an easy-to-use and responsive gaming experience. This game is perfect for casual players and those looking for a short yet fun challenge due to its simplicity and addictiveness.