Goalkeeper Wiz

Play Goalkeeper Wiz with our tips and tricks! Our guide covers positioning to handling crosses, helping you to become a top-notch keeper.

About Goalkeeper Wiz

A exceptionally talented and skilled goalie is Goalkeeper Wiz. Being a goalie is a difficult job that calls for a special set of abilities and traits.

A goalkeeper needs to be quick on their feet, be able to react in an instant, work well with their teammates, and be able to save shots from any angle or distance.

One must put in a lot of effort and commit to consistently raising their level of proficiency if one wants to become a Goalie Wiz. To help prospective goalkeepers become Goalie Wiz and advance their skills, we’ll offer advice in this post.

How To Play


Positioning is the most important component of goalkeeping. To make a save, a goalie must be in the proper position. Keep an eye on your surroundings and place yourself in the middle of the goal. No matter which way the shot is aimed, you will have the highest chance of saving it if you do this.


Any goalkeeper must be able to communicate well. You must communicate with your defense to let them know when to hold their positions or clear the ball. Confusion and errors that may result in goals being conceded can be avoided through clear communication.

Diving and Footwork

The next crucial component is footwork and diving. Goalkeepers must be adept at diving, so practicing various dives like the side, high, and low dives is important. Your footwork is equally crucial, enabling you to move rapidly and cover much ground. Do footwork techniques like ladder drills and cone drills to get better.

Handling Crosses

Another essential ability for goalkeepers is handling crosses. A ball played from the wings into the penalty area is called a cross. You must be able to come off your line, catch, or punch the ball away if you want to play goalie.

To make sure you can adequately deal with crosses, work on your timing and coordination with your defenders.

Shot Stopping

The ability to block shots is the goalkeeper’s greatest talent. You must possess the ability to block shots from any angle or distance. Practice various saves, such as one-on-one saves, reflex saves, and long-range saves, to hone your shot-stopping skills.