Street Freekick 3D

Play Street Freekick 3D to experience the thrill of taking free kicks on the streets. Try to show off your skills and become the football champion.

About Street Freekick 3D

For anyone passionate about football, practice is essential. However, not everyone has time to go to the stadium. Or, even having a football field is not an easy thing. Capturing users' minds, GamePix has developed and released a game called Street Freekick 3D. Are you ready to wear your boots and kick the ball to score?

This is a game that focuses on helping players develop their free-kick skills. You will transform into a football player. Opposite the goalkeeper, your task is to score and get a high score to pass the levels.


The game offers many challenges as well as exciting features. Street Freekick 3D provides a realistic 3D experience with graphics and sound effects that are true to life. Joining the game, you will immerse yourself in a vibrant world where you receive enthusiastic cheers from the audience.

Game levels

To increase the attractiveness of the match, the game consists of many rounds. You must achieve the required game score to pass these rounds and unlock the following levels.

In addition, the player only has 2 broken free kicks at each level. You lose if you kick the ball or let your opponent catch it.

How to play

Players need to use the mouse to kick the ball in this game. You will click to direct the ball to the goal and hover to direct it to the position you aim for.

Control: Drag the left mouse button to kick and control the ball's direction.

Tips to play

Aim for the corners

Shooting for the corners of the goal is crucial to improve your scores. The more challenging positions, the narrower the shooting angles, and the better your football skills are. Therefore, if you are confident in your ability, score high on each shot.

For example, if you kick the ball into the center of the goal, you will get 20 or 50 points. But if it's the corner of the plan, the score you gain can be 70 or 90 points.

Adjust your kick power

The force of your shot in Street Freekick 3D influences the ball's speed and direction. You must adjust your shot strength to ensure the ball goes as you want. When you hit the ball too hard, it can go out. But if you shoot too lightly, the ball may not be able to roll to the goal or will be caught by the goalkeeper. Please consider and pay attention to this. It will directly affect your performance in the game.