Jump into to play against players worldwide and show off your skills on the virtual field. Read on to learn more.


A fast-paced and exciting online multiplayer game, mixes the enjoyment of physics-based action with the thrill of soccer. Scimob, a French game studio, created it and debuted in 2021. Since then, it has acquired a devoted following of players who enjoy intensely competitive games.

In, your goal is to score goals while controlling a character on the pitch. Since the gameplay is physics-based, you must culminate the expertise of controlling the ball and your character's movements in the event that you need to succeed.


You will select from an assortment of skins and accessories to change the appearance of your character.

The game is played in rounds, with a two-minute break between each circular.

The circular is won by the group with the foremost goals, and the primary group wins the coordinate to win three rounds.

The game permits cross-platform play so you can play with buddies on different gadgets. You will play in groups of two or four players.

Tips To Play

If you’re new to, mastering the game’s physics-based gameplay can take some time. Here are some tips to help you improve your skills and become a game champion:

Practice, Practice, Practice

You will get better the more you play. To gain a sense of the physics-based action and learn how to manage your character and the ball, spend some time playing in practice mode.

Communication is key

Communication is essential since is a team game. Be sure to coordinate your movements with your team and to communicate with them.

might provide you an edge over your competitors, but they are transient. For maximum effectiveness, make sure you’re utilizing them at the appropriate time.

Keep an eye on your opponents and teamwork

It’s critical to pay attention to your adversary’s movements and positioning. You can predict their maneuvers and make wiser choices on the field.

Develop plans with your team that use everyone's abilities. At, a well-organized squad may be unstoppable.

Choose Your Skins

Skins and accessories don't always have to be purely decorative. Some provide benefits, including accelerated speed or improved ball control. Try several skins and accessories to see which ones suit your best playstyle.

Stay Calm Under Pressure 

Although might be a challenging and fast-paced game, it’s crucial to maintain composure and concentration when under pressure. Make wise judgments on the field and try not to get too caught up in the moment's excitement.